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July 27, 2018

Hidden in Plain Sight: Down the Google Book Rabbit Hole w/ Q’s Trip Codes, User IDs – a call to ALL Patriots to L@@K & Research!!


UPDATE:  We have now posted the raw data of the Trip Code/User ID correlation to Google Books we have uncovered so far.  We are working on a more user-readable format that we will be releasing soon.  We want to make sure we are right and complete with our data.  The article with the embedded data is linked below.


Data will be updated automatically as we add to it.



I want to start this off by saying that I ventured down this rabbit hole purely out of curiosity based on a very brief comment I saw in response to the “R-anon” phenomenon on the chans.  One anon made a reference to Q’s last trip code being tied to a few books that were relevant to the Kennedy family, as well as to other Q related topics.  The anon thought it was “Cool” – but otherwise glanced right over it, not paying it too much attention.  I decided to sit down and explore this in depth, to see if there was relevance to it.  As Q has said numerous times, “There are no coincidences!”  Turns out, this could possibly be one of the best Q-related decisions I have ever made.  I went back to the very beginning and started with Q’s first User ID – since he didn’t have a trip code yet – and decided to work forward from there.  I thought this would only take me a day or two to run through the first few user names, then the trip codes.  As it so happens, I was sorely mistaken.  I have already devoted a few very long evenings to my project of looking up this information and making a spreadsheet of it, and I am only up to December 1st of 2017.  I wanted to wait until I was finished to share this with everyone, but what I am finding out NEEDS to be shared now – and EVERYONE needs to join in the research!  I feel this strongly about what I have discovered!

Last night was only the second time I ran across someone else who had written about this same thing.  I want to take a second to acknowledge this person, Yig Wilson – https://theyig.ning.com/front-page-news/an-anon-finds-that-q-s-tripcodes-link-to-books – and applaud them for starting to share the information – because as I just stated, it needs to get out.  But this article barely scrapes the surface of what is truly being shared with us.  It also only references Q’s Trip codes themselves – but there is MORE to this.   I mentioned earlier that my spreadsheet compilation is taking extraordinarily long to compile – there is a good reason for this.  Once I got to Mid-November (when Q finally established a permanent Trip code) I accidentally copied and pasted Q’s User ID portion of his post into the Google Browser instead of the Trip code.  Let’s just say this was a happy accident – I discovered that not only are Q’s Trip codes tied to relevant links, but so are EACH AND EVERY USER ID THAT Q HAS EVER USED!!!!!  Take a second to think of the magnitude of what I am telling you – you may not even have realized just how many different User IDs Q has actually posted from!

That realization actually brought me to another epiphany – On any given night, when Q is in a posting Frenzy – we sit there eagerly waiting for him to post to us.  (And I say “Him” even though we know it is a team – admit that we all think it is a single member of the team talking to us on any given night…)  But Looking at these posts from this new perspective, where there are different user IDs being used one after another, I realized that the members of the Q team are actually talking to EACH OTHER, and giving each other confirmations.  Looking at it from this new perspective puts a whole new spin on things! Check out what I mean Below – Five Different Q posts, Five Different User IDs:

I’ve been trying to think of the best way to organize the rest of this information for you – but the magnitude of what is being done here is hard to put into the words of a short article.  The Book links may actually even have multiple meanings, and since I am still very early in my research I am going to say that I am quite sure I don’t fully understand the scope of what Q is doing with this myself.  This is what drove me to go ahead and get this information out to the world.  I will break down what I DO know that the Q team has done so far with the Book links.  They’ve left clues to the research they have done thus far, links to documentation regarding the laws that govern what will help bring down the deep state, to religious texts that are very relevant to current events, and to many other things.  Not only are there links to books with descriptions, but also to periodicals, government documents, old texts dating back to the 1500s, indexes and more.  The important thing to mention is that these are not documents that can just be found anywhere on the internet – they were uploaded by someone deliberately.  Many of the uploads take you to a specific page, and sometimes even to a specific snippet on a particular page of a document, almost like Q is pointing you in a specific direction towards something he wants you to see.  Here’s a good example.

On November 12, 2017

What exactly is Q pointing us to in this snippet?  This is WHY I want the world in on researching this!!! I think we can learn a great deal!  Another important thing to mention is that every single book or document link is placed there deliberately.  There is NOTHING there that is random, or that just appears there because of some google search.  Sometimes, only two links will show up.  Sometimes it can be 12 PAGES of links.  But EVERY SINGLE link has some sort of relevance – not all of them are in English, but all of them are relevant in some way, you can bet on it!


As stated in the earlier referenced article by Yig Wilson, many of the books do have a JFK link.  It is intriguing that not only does that association cover the connection between JFK’s assassination, Allen Dulles, and the CIA, but there are even books about Jacqueline Kennedy’s travels around the world.  I am curious as to the relevance of these to the Q movement – but again, nothing is coincidence, and everything has relevance.


My next biggest take away so far from the Google Book /Trip code Link is that I truly believe the Q team is using this as an avenue to share information that they cannot just come right out and say to the public.  I am speaking of things that could either cause severe backlash for him, or cause him to lose followers because of how absurd they sound.  This is a “softer” landing for those taking the plunge down the rabbit hole.  Sometimes it is easier to discover things on your own than to hear about them from someone else’s mouth.  Allow me to share some of these “handle with care” items with you:

Here is the first biggie for me.  I BELIEVE Q TOLD US HERE – THROUGH THE GOOGLE BOOK / TRIPCODE LINKS – THE TRUE NATURE OF HILLARY CLINTON’S AILMENT THAT SHE’S BEEN SUFFERING FROM!!!!!  Yes, I was yelling.  My apologies.  More than once so far, he’s referenced a rather odd book that just doesn’t fit the mold of all the others he’s shared.

10/31/2018 grTMpzrL (Anonymous)

11/1/2018 pGukiFmX (Anonymous)

I decided to do some digging on this, and look up “Myalgic Encephalitis” on the CDC.gov website.  Let’s just say my eyes were more than wide open at this point.  The symptoms of this ailment include problems with thinking and memory.  This disease can cause people to experience “physical crashes” that can leave them “bed-bound” or require them to need a sudden nap in the car (think special campaign van equipped with bed in it?)  It can take anywhere from days, weeks or longer to recover from these “crashes” – which are caused post-exertional malaise (PEM).  During PEM, people have difficulty thinking, feel dizzy, and have sore and scratchy throats (How many times did you see Hillary have to stop to take a cough drop to stop her coughing, or a sip of water to clear her throat?)  But the most compelling tidbit from the CDC –

  • People with Myalgic Encephalitis experience Orthostatic Intolerance, which is the worsening of symptoms while standing or sitting upright. They may become lightheaded, dizzy, weak, or faint, and they may experience vision changes like blurring or seeing spots.  (Do we now know why Hillary faints, falls down steps, and why her eyes always look like someone has whacked her right between them? I think we do!)


The second, and possibly even bigger share, or should I say bombardment.  There are MANY links shared surrounding the existence of alien life, and eluding to the fact that we are not alone in the universe.  (See?  This is the one where I firmly believe that Q would have lost many of his followers had he just come out and said this.  Things wouldn’t have been quite as believable.)  Finding the links here, and the information in this manner, well it is compelling to say the least.  Especially after reading all of the Q drops.  If you’ve done any research along the way, like reading any of the released JFK documentation, you know that research has been done on extra-terrestrials and outer space.  Haven’t you wondered why President Trump is starting the Space Force?  Maybe he is telling us why here.  Again – this is WHY I wanted to get this information out to the world!  See these great examples below!

10/29/2018   P3Lk4PKG (Anonymous)

So far, Q has linked to this book on 4 different Trip Codes/User IDs (in the point I am at in my research) I have a feeling it won’t be the last time it will be seen!

There’s also this one, Referenced on Q’s very first permanent Trip code – Only one reference to it so far, but there could always be more.  There are several other Alien related references as well.

Are you ready for the third set of shares that I feel required a “soft landing”? Make sure you are sitting down for this set, because this is quite possibly the most far-fetched sounding one to some people.  I will admit, this is the one that brings my fiancé feelings of vindication.  I am not quite sure how I feel about it yet, except that I have learned with Q, anything is possible.   I am not going to give any further introduction.  I will just give you one example, and let you make your own conclusion as to what he’s sharing.

11/05/2017 hHkrVD7x

The Last President


Ingersoll Lockwood – 2017 – ‎Preview – ‎More editions

” For some this is proof that Trump owns a time travel device and has been using it to influence our time line.

Again, I am sharing this so that everyone can delve into the world of researching this thoroughly.  I don’t know if I buy into anything about time travel, or the possibility of its existence, but with the references to Tesla and several other references made so far in my research to mathematical equations, there is always a possibility.  I urge everyone to dig, dig, dig!


The other things to mention so far are the patterns that seem to be setting up.  I won’t know this for certain until my spreadsheet is complete, but I can tell you, that there are certain links that reappear on almost every single Trip code and user ID (maybe with the exception of one or two).  A few other links appear very often as well.  To date, here are the top 8 linked titles Q has provided and their rate of recurrence thus far:

  1. Alice’s Bloody Adventures in Wonderland (63 times so far)
  2. Restoring the Republic: A Clear, Concise, and Colorful Blueprint for America’s Future (58 times so far) – It should be noted that this book is written by Devin Nunes!
  3. Mirror: Awakening  (57 times so far)
  4. Fly Eagle Fly: An African Tale (34 Times so far)
  5. Sacrificial Sex (31 Times so far)
  6. On a LARP (14 times so far) – Sound like Q?
  7. The Post-American World: Release 2.0 (14 times so far) – remember the book Obama was caught reading after he was out of office?
  8. Lottery Rose (9 times so far) – I am perplexed by this one, other than a reference to “Georgie?”

Whether there is a pattern to these appearances or not remains to be seen.  My fiancé even threw out the idea that perhaps the Q team is using Book Ciphering to communicate with each other.  It is our hope that by sharing this information, maybe someone with expertise in that field can explore that possibility.

Back to the rest of the links that Q has shared…

Yes, there are the links you would expect Q to provide – references to Hollywood sex scandal information, Women’s rights, religious information and many current event topics; but you can find that in his regular Q drops.  I wanted to mainly discuss the stuff that we don’t see in his posts.

Speaking of that….

Are you ready for a *BOOM* moment?

Yesterday, Q reemerged after a long silence and dropped several crumbs on us.  One in particular sent the Chans, Twitter, and Reddit into a frenzy trying to figure out the cryptic code that was shared.

In discussing my Google /Trip code project with a sister anon while reviewing today’s Q posts regarding “how do you hide something in plain sight?” she suggested plugging the code into the google book search.

We. Hit. The. Mother load!

Folks, I think everything Q wants us to know is right here “Hiding in plain sight” – he said it just today – that we would be “surprised” how much they have shared with us on the /pols/.  Indeed I am!  I am blown away, in fact.

I am going to leave these few little screenshots here, but I URGE you to plug the code in for yourself.  Do the research.  EVERY SINGLE LINK HAS RELEVANCE!!!!  Here are just a few of them.


Thank Q for the information!!!

I hope everyone will get on board with researching all of the user IDs and Trip codes and every link associated with them.  I still have a long road ahead with my research, and I plan to bring my spreadsheet up to date with current Q posts.  If you’d like to collaborate on research, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or Reddit.  Be sure to follow me – I’d love to share ideas!  Where we go one, we go all!  God Bless you Patriots!

Tricia Wegs  a.k.a  Lady Tigrrr

Twitter:  @triciawegmann77          Reddit:  lady_tigrrr                 Gab: Lady_tigrrr


UPDATE:  We have now posted the raw data of the Trip Code/User ID correlation to Google Books we have uncovered so far.  We are working on a more user-readable format that we will be releasing soon.  We want to make sure we are right and complete with our data.  The article with the embedded data is linked below.



Data will be updated automatically as we add to it.

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